Buick Regal Chevrolet Malibu Opel Vauxhall Insignia Upgrade Speaker

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Set of 4, for select models of Buick Chevrolet Opel and Vauxhall, Two coaxial units for the front and two coaxial units for the rear door, including four tweeters and four woofers, a complete eight-speaker upgrade kit to get the full room acoustic sound quality. Parts and instructions are included to aid installation. 


Inspirit Series:


1 pair of 160 GHA speakers for the front and 1 pair of 160GHB for the rear Door 

160GHA or 160GHB

Nom Power: 40W

Max Power:  100W

Impedance:  4Ω

SPL(2.8V/1m): 93dB

Frequency: 49-22000 Hz

Woofer: 6" cone, Glass fiber, and natural fiber paper dual layer

Tweeter: 1" dome, Al-Mg

Weight: 2.2lb*2

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Feel free to put the speakers into your car and get them going after you receive them!

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Regal 2011 – 2021

Regal GS 2012 – 2021

Regal Sportback 2012 – 2021

Regal TourX 2018-2021



Malibu 2016 – 2021


Insignia 2008 -2022