About Us

Achieve the highest definition sound in your vehicle and gain a one-on-one connection with your favorite artist. The quality is important but so is the entire experience. Soumatrix upgrade sound systems open your drive to the soul of your music. Fall in love with the cruise all over again. The systems assembled with cutting edge technology and high efficiency design, eliminating the need for additional amplification or subwoofers. Every aspect is designed with each make and model in mind, to seamlessly deliver pure unadulterated bliss and a clear tone you crave. The amphitheaters' front row is your driver seat! 


OEM Replacement Parts

  • Plug and Play simplicity of our kits will make installation a breeze! Can be installed DIY, or by a trained technician, with ease.

  • Construction with a polycarbonate basket which is strong and durable, and the connector is gold plated for maximum throughput.