Do you offer installation solutions?

We recommend locating a licensed installer. 


I want to do the installation myself, do you have in depth manuals?

Yes! Instructions come with your kit, and we also have some detailed instructions on our Manuals page. But if you would like more info, please fill out the form on our Contact Page with the make/model of your car, and we will reply with a manual attachment specific to your car.


What is the Ohm rating on Soumatrix speakers?

4 Ohm across the board.


Will I need more amplification?

The simple answer is Nope! You do not need extra amplification to bring out the full potential of Soumatrix speakers. If you still feel the need to add an amp, we recommend you do not exceed 100 watts/channel of power. Please see your owner manual for the specific wattage of your kit.


Will I need a subwoofer?

Nope!  Soumatrix speakers are designed to deliver a full, rich, natural sound regardless of your current equipment. 


I really love that heavy bass sound, can I install a subwoofer?



What is the deal with your shipping?

We offer free standard shipping on conterminous United States order 

Duty and tax unpaid(DDU) shipping is available for international orders


I see you have a 90 day satisfaction guarantee, tell me more about that.

That means if you wish to return the speakers for any reason, free return service are available for purchases made within 90 days on conterminous United States order 

Please visit the return page for more detailed info.

If you have any questions on how to return your item to us, please feel free to contact us