Thanks to the strict requirement on resistance of the electromagnetic interference and anti-vibration technology in the auto industry, the vehicle’s radio head-units are really close to audio-fidelity equipment. Nevertheless, the potential of this treasure cannot be fully utilized due to the limitation of the installed standard speakers.

Combining the original high efficiency design and years of engineering experience in European home audio systems, Soumatrix presents a high-end OEM speaker series, seamlessly working without distortions, providing unprecedented room acoustics within your vehicle.







Xtase & Inspirit Comparison Chart

Why Soumatrix?

Achieve the highest definition sound in your vehicle and gain a one-on-one connection with your favorite artist. The quality is important but so is the entire experience. Soumatrix sound systems open your drive to the soul of your music. Fall in love with the cruise all over again. The systems are assembled with cutting edge technology and high efficiency design, eliminating the need for additional amplification or subwoofers. The systems are also specifically designed with each make and model in mind, delivering pure unadulterated bliss and the clear tone you crave. The amphitheater's front row is your driver seat!

OEM Replacement Parts

  • Plug and Play simplicity of our kits will make installation a breeze! Can be installed DIY, or by a trained technician, with ease.
  • Construction with a polycarbonate basket which is strong and durable, and the connector is gold plated for maximum throughput.

Product Line:

The flagship line is the Xtase sound system. Its cone uses an advanced three layered aircraft grade Rohacell® foam, and lightweight glass fiber sheets, to achieve the best rigidity in the speaker. Its tweeters are hand coated with silk and polyester fibers, for high damping and low distortions, creating a full musical richness and fidelity quality. The innovative construction in the Xtase line delivers to you the ultimate in sound quality and detail.

The Inspirit sound system is the ideal upgrade for the audiophile on a budget. While the basket, magnet, voice coil and connector are the same as Xtase, there are changes to preserve quality at lower prices.The two layer cone uses honey combed glass fiber and cellulose sheets, layered for a smooth transparent sound. The tweeter uses tainted and damped Al-Mg alloy, for maximum stiffness and high damping. Offering high powered performance at a lower price by maximizing the efficiency of these materials.


Rohacell® foam is aerospace grade foam that is favored for its lightness while still being extremely rigid. Weighing only 2lb per cubic foot and inelastic up to 5,222 psi, Rohacell boasts some of the most impressive numbers in the foam materials industry.  This allows for any sandwich design to have efficient durable cores that can withstand greater stresses. Aircraft materials depend on technology such as this to be cost effective while keeping durability. Aerospace, however, is not the only application that the foam is useful for.

Its this signature rigidity that makes it so appealing to high-quality, high-definition home audio system developers. These manufacturers specifically make large systems for home audio only and those range anywhere from Sonus Faber’s ® flagship “The Sonus Faber” for $140,000, to the top of the line Magico® Q7 mk.II for $165,000. This technology has since been used in recent Ferrari® models’ premium audio systems, and Soumatrix is the first to offer it for replacement OEM systems.The Rohacell composites that are used by these high-end drivers has been implemented in the Soumatrix Xtase sound system as a base material for the sandwich cone, ensuring home audio performance in your vehicle for much, much less.





Sonus Faber®: