Designed with music lovers in mind, Soumatrix has engineered a high-end series of OEM speakers, for your vehicle, with sleek modern acoustics and components. Create an amazingly clear platform with the dynamic, audiophile sound you crave. Capabilities so extraordinary, the senses awaken, bringing your music to life!


 "First of all, WOW! I can’t believe the huge difference a simple change of speakers did to the sound of my car. I can play my music hella loud if I want to and the quality doesn't change. No matter the artist, genre or radio station. I honestly feel like I’m hearing it live. It sounds far fetched, but the speakers make it feel like a surround sound system.  It was also a bargain!" Volkswagen Owner 






"The kit was very easy to install, and they fit my VW CC perfectly. After playing around with the Sound, I was impressed by the peak power. It’s powerful, but you won’t blow out your speakers trying to get the concert experience. There was an immediate difference in the quality of sound I heard, and I was very impressed. It’s a huge improvement compared to the stock speakers that come with my car. You get so caught up listening to music that you forget you’re stuck in traffic." - Volkswagen Owner




 "This is the way music should be listened to in cars. The volume can be all the way up and it is as clear as if you’re hearing it live. No breaking up or raspy sounds, just loud and smooth music. It definitely changes the way you feel about driving, making driving a more fun experience." - Volkswagen Owner



 "Aside from the amazing sound, I love how quick and easy I was able to install them. It was more of a swap than an installation. I didn't have to spend money on taking them somewhere to get done, I did it myself. And for the price, I couldn't have made a better choice. It’s just the speakers, no need of an amplifier, a sub, or any other types of modifications or gadgets. Just out with the old and in with the new. The sound is amazing. I personally love my music real loud and with the help of Soumatrix, that is possible. " - Volkswagen Owner