Volt Upgrade Speaker Kit

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Incorporating a lightweight design, Inspirit brings out the complete value of her elements.

  • A Full Ascendance: This upgrade kit containing two units for the front doors as well as two units for the rear doors equips your car with custom acoustic brilliant sound delivered by our EISA award-winning designing.
  • Two-in-One: Each unit builds one tweeter and one woofer coaxially, combining their strength with flawless harmony.
  • DIY Friendly Engineering: Innovative plug-and-go layout invites you to tinker your vehicle with a smooth and efficient installation experience. 
  • Built to Impress: Dual-layered, honeycombed glass fiber combining with natural cellulose woofers presents a smooth transparent sound. Tainted and damped aluminum-magnesium alloy tweeters secure maximum stiffness, high damping, and fast propagation. These speakers made in Germany are designed to bring refreshing thrills. An impressive upgrade to your car's voice can be achieved with or without amplifiers.

    Front and Rear Door Eight Speaker Kit

    Kit Includes four coaxial speaker units ( 2 units for front and 2 units for the rear door, includes four tweeters and four woofers, total eight speakers ), rivets, clips, and instructions, to get the full room acoustic sound quality.


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