Magnetic Phone Holder + keychain cellphone cable Bundle

A simple yet elegant solution to integrate your Smartphone with your car  

Let's Introduce our Magnetic Vent Mount! 

Let's make your ride a more comfortable experience with the Magnetic Vent Mount.  This mount is perfect for GPS guidance, no more holding your phone in your lap or in a cup holder.  Have your screen directly in front of you in whichever angle you wish.  Rotate your phone for easier navigation or keep it horizontal to scroll through your favorite playlist.  Phone calls are a breeze too, simply answer and place your speakerphone on or send it directly to your Bluetooth device.  Is vent mount is small and compact and will not block your view of the road what so ever.  Simply place your vent clip in and place your smartphone on and off as you please HASSLE FREE!  Don't worry about a magnet being near your smartphone either!  These 6 small yet POWERFUL Rare Earth magnets have their polarity matched in order to keep it from affect your smartphone in anyway.    

  • Quality piano key black gloss finish to ensure long durability 
  • 6 Rare Earth Magnets provide a strong grip to hold your smartphone in place
  • Open and close with the click of a button for easy mounting or removing
  • Rotating ball joint allows swiveling angle changes for better viewing
  • Light and compact design to save space and on the go mobility 
  • Protective rubber will shield both your smartphone and air vents
  • Free shipping in US

Keychain Charger Cable

Available for both IOS and Android. Smartphones comes an easy on the go charging solution. If you ever leave your phone charger behind and need power, you can use our own keychain cable. Small and sleek so it can be stored or carried around without any problems. When purchasing, please specify an IOS or Android keychain charger cable.

Installation video

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