Focal 165CA1 Coaxial Car Speaker

$ 198.00 Regular price $ 299.00

2-Way Alu Inverted Dome Light Woven Glass Cone w/Grilles

Coaxial layout produces a greater musical sweet spot, covering the driver seat that is not located on the major axes

Synchronize your performance with matched models and construct precision sound fields with 2 pair 165CA1

Designed by Focal in France, assembled in China, The best-value choice for benchmark HiFi experience

    The Focal 165 CA1 is a two-way automotive speaker with a streamlined crossover system and a woven glass cone that delivers a smooth and clear sound from the middle range to treble. The aluminum dome tweeters in this Focal 6.5-inch car speaker leverage their lightweight structure and inverted design to give consumers a wide soundscape characterized by detail and precision, while their adjustable positioning system allows owners of the Focal 165 CA1 to customize and perfect the placement of this two-way automotive speaker. 

    The butyl rubber surround on the Woofer cone of the Focal 165 CA1 helps to ensure that the low end of the audio spectrum in this Focal 6.5-inch car speaker is free of system distortion, ensuring big bass without any distracting buzz. With 120-watt maximum power handling and 4-Ohm impedance thrown in as well, this Focal 6.5-inch car speaker has the diversity and technical features it needs to bring a full and detail-rich audio experience to a user’s car speaker setup.