Tiguan Sound Upgrade Xtase ★ Austin Special ★ 90-Day Risk-free Trial ★ Installation Included ★

This is the benchmark of next-level hearing experience. Embracing the gemstones on the industry’s crown, Xtase is the top-tier choice for a groundbreaking upgrade in your listening experience. 

★ Austin Special Trials★

- With the 90-day trial and installation service at Tintworld Austin included, y'all can enjoy the Soumatrix Xtase speakers with no stress and no risk. 

- You may return the Xrtase speakers within 90 days after installation. We can arrange a free restore service appointment, put your stock speakers back into your car, and offer a full refund. 


  • A Full Ascendance: The four units kit included is hand-toned with our EISA-award-winning expert to extract each musical work’s lively essence. No matter if it is a road trip season or another daily commute, Soumatrix gets it all.
  • Coaxial wonder: Each Soumatrix speaker unit builds one tweeter and one woofer on one single axis. This unique design creates a greater cinematic sweet spot that you may enjoy in any of the seats.

  • OE Grade: Crafted with original equipment manufacturers, these speakers are designed to provide a smooth DIY-friendly installation experience, long-lasting sound quality, and a non-restrictive commitment for Volkswagen Tiguan.

  • Built to Impress: Aeronautically qualified Rohacell foam combines with lightweight glass-fiber triple layered sandwich cone presents a smooth, vast, and transparent sound.

  25mm hand-coated polyester fiber silk and the high-grade plastic-coated rare earth neodymium magnet tablet make tweeters an excellent choice to deliver detailed musical richness and swift sound propagation.

    Front and Rear Door Eight Speaker Kit

    Kit Includes four coaxial speaker units ( 2 units for front and 2 units for the rear door, includes four tweeters and four woofers, a total of eight speakers ), rivets, clips, and instructions, to get the full room acoustic sound quality. 

    These speakers made in Germany are designed to bring refreshing thrills. An impressive upgrade to your car's voice can be achieved with or without amplifiers.

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